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Good Clean Good Shiine

Strip & Seal

Strip & Seal

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If you want to give your floors a fresh, new look, then strip and seal services are the perfect solution. At Good Clean Good Shine, we specialise in providing high-quality strip and seal services that restore the natural shine and beauty of your floors. Our team of experienced professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to remove old and worn layers of sealer, deep clean the surface, and apply a new layer of high-quality sealer. From vinyl and linoleum to terrazzo and concrete, we can strip and seal a wide range of flooring types, making them look like new again. Choose us for your strip and seal needs, and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes.


- Inspection of the floor to be stripped and sealed to identify any damage or wear

- Removal of furniture, rugs, or other items on the floor

- Placement of caution signs to indicate that the floor is being worked on


- Application of a stripping solution to remove old sealant

- Use of floor stripping machine to scrub the surface and remove the old sealer

- Removal of the stripping solution and old sealer residue

- Thorough rinsing of the surface with clean water to ensure all stripping solution and sealer residue is removed

- Drying of the surface to prepare for the next step


- Application of a new layer of high-quality sealer to the clean and dry surface

- Use of a sealer applicator to ensure even application of the sealer

- Drying of the sealer to ensure that it cures properly

- Application of additional coats of sealer, as necessary, to achieve the desired level of shine

- Final inspection of the surface to ensure the new sealer is properly applied

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